SPRYNG™ is the ultimate wireless, pneumatic compression wrap that relieves aches, speeds recovery, improves performance, and feels incredible! Using a patented wavetec™ Active Compression Pattern, SPRYNG™ helps you recover with just 15 minutes of use anywhere, anytime.It’s a must-have device for anyone with tired and achy legs!

What Is Active Compression?

Active leg compression is a form of compression that mimics natural muscle contractions in your calves. It helps improve circulation, increase cellular oxygen supply, and stimulate tissue repair.

SPRYNGs Active Compression helps

By compressing your legs, you encourage circulation of blood  where it needs the most support. This, in turn, can help reduce swelling and usher in fresh blood, nutrients, and lymphatic fluid to your legs to help accelerate healing and recovery.

Supporting Circulation In Your Legs

Due to gravity, your legs usually have the worst circulation in your body - especially if you’re standing or sitting all day . Without active circulation through your calves, blood will pool at your feet - resulting in swelling and pain.

When your muscle pump  remains inactive , you risk blood pooling, and inhibit circulation throughout your body (the blood in your feet is the same blood that is circulated through your heart and to your brain) .

This is why we  focus on actively compressing your legs to help get that blood moving!

The Benefits of Improved Circulation

Active Compression is an effective way to  improve circulation , flush lactic acid , and increase oxygenation  to muscle tissues to get you back on your feet faster. Get more oxygen  throughout your body and higher performance .

Improved Circulation can help:

Passive Compression Just Doesn’t Cut It

You’ve likely encountered other compression tools such as socks, wraps, and sleeves.

The main issue with these passive compression accessories is that they don’t do much  when you’re  in an office, plane, car, kitchen  -  anywhere you’ll be sitting or standing.

Passive compression only provides support when you are using your muscle pump. In other words, they only work when you’re ALREADY active  - in a workout or on a walk/run.

This is where Active Compression comes in.

Active Compression actively MIMICS the action of the calf muscle pump  without you needing to do anything!

The Beauty of Active Compression

The Problem With Other Devices

Current devices are  ineffective  or only accessible to professional athletes. These devices end up being  bulky, covered in wires and hoses, not portable , and  extremely expensive.

They can have poor compression patterns  that don’t use active compression, don’t match the muscle pump, or, worse, do more harm than good  by pushing blood in the wrong direction.

  • Bulky - complicated, heavy, not portable
  • Expensive - reserved for high-paying professional athletes
  • Poor Compression Pattern - dangerous and harmful

The Powerful Benefits Of SPRYNG™

Patent-Pending wavetec™ Compression Pattern

Using our patent-pending wavetec™ compression pattern, SPRYNG™ effectively mimics your skeletal muscle pump - which means it is  the best way to help enhance your body’s natural circulatory flow.

This means you get safe, powerful, and effective active compression  that compliments your body’s natural rhythm.

No reverse flow (which can get dangerous) - SPRYNG™ makes sure your blood goes where it needs to go, the way it’s supposed to go, faster and more effectively .

Strategic Pneumatic Pressure

We compartmentalized the compression areas to three strategic parts of your calf to make sure we help maximize blood flow and the efficacy of the compression.

Feel the powerful massage  hit just the right spots.

Choose between two powerful compression patterns:

Targeted Compression Affects Your Whole Leg

Not just for your calves! Improving circulation at the lower extremities naturally helps push blood upwards through your thighs towards the heart . As a result, the lower extremities of your legs are one of the best targets to help improve blood circulation.

Synchronized Compression

SPRYNG™ isn’t just synced with your naturally occurring muscle pump and blood circulation , it syncs with its adjoining pair automatically.

Through the use of Infrared technology, each SPRYNG™ device connects and syncs with its pair to give you dual active compression.

The patterns in each leg will be synced up and matched,  so you have a cohesive and comfortable session  in complete harmony.

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The Tech and The Science.

Can you briefly explain the science behind SPRYNG™?

Yes, this is the fun part! SPRYNG™ uses a dynamic wavetec™ pattern which gradually compresses your calf muscle to mimic the normal physiology in your leg. When you work out, micro-tears can appear in the muscles. The short-term effects of this can be uncomfortable: unhappy limbs and swollen, inflamed muscles. SPRYNG™’s active compression helps to combat this by aiding blood circulation. This effectively pumps blood towards the heart, reducing the intramuscular space available for swelling and helping to promote the stable alignment of muscle fibers. SPRYNG™’s can also help aid faster recovery after strenuous exercise by promoting a heightened rate of lactic acid flush out so you can feel brand new and energized for your next work out.

Can you explain the technology behind SPRYNG™?

The device uses pneumatic compression. The patent pending wavetec™ pattern combines three distinctive compression techniques - pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release to mimic your calf muscle.

How many compression patterns does SPRYNG™ have?

The device has two compression patterns. First is the Graduated Compression Pattern (green light) The second is the Pulsatile Compression Pattern (blue light). Both combined are referred to as Spryng’s wavetec™ compression. We recommend both to help improve blood circulation and reduce leg swelling.

How many levels of intensity does SPRYNG™ have?

SPRYNG™ has three levels of intensity. First, is a mild mode at 50mmHg at the bottom near the ankle. Then we have a medium intensity at 80 mmHg at the bottom near the ankle. SPRYNG™’s highest level of intensity is at 110mmHg at the bottom near the ankle. This is the highest recommended level. at its max. This level is for those recovering after a tough workout routine where your calves need a bit of tough love to recover! At this level, you would get the best of both worlds; a scientifically proven safe level of compression which gets the job done while not being distracted by the feeling of over compression!

Does SPRYNG™ really really work?

We know it does! However, we’ll let you be the judge of that too! We have done early clinical trials which showed that wearing SPRYNG™ for 15 minutes in between workouts seemed to improve performance!!!