Relieve Tired and Achy Muscles. Improve Circulation.


The Importance of Active Compression

Almost 90% of the blood returning to your heart from your veins comes from your calves. Exercise and long bouts of sitting/standing can weaken the muscles which makes them less effective in moving the blood, which can result in a lot of swelling and pain (known as blood pooling). This is why we focus on actively compressing that area to help get that blood moving!

recovery time with active compression

The Power Of SPRYNG

  • Untethered: completely wireless, compact and portable
  • Affordable: a fraction of the cost of other active compression devices
  • Patent Pending: our compression pattern was developed by doctors
  • Works fast: get results in just 15 minutes of use

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SPRYNG™ Muscle Recovery Tool

What Professionals Are Saying

  • Wide Receiver, Washington Football Team,  Dontrelle Inman talks about SPRYNG™
    It’s the convenience for me. I have used all types of compression products, some bigger than others. The fact that I can run to the grocery store, grab a quick bite to eat, or just put my legs up to watch a movie without a noisy contraption is the best part of Spryng.
    Dontrelle Inman
    Wide Receiver, Washington Football Team
  • Detroit Tigers Professional Baseball Pitcher, Tyson Ross talks about SPRYNG™
    I found that my legs felt more recovered after using spryng this spring training. I love the portability and freedom allowing me to wear them around the house without restrictions, while speeding up my recovery
    Professional Baseball Pitcher for the Detroit Tigers (MLB)
  • Paul Ullrich - NHL Hockey Coach - Muscle recovery tool for Hockey players
    Not only as a player but also as a coach, Spryng helps you recover faster after long hard skills training sessions. I do always have them with me and also use them while traveling or during long office days. Spryng is an innovative portable tool and a must have for all players that want to be fully prepared for upcoming practices or games!
    Professional NHL Hockey Coach
  • Ice Hockey Player with  Muscle Recovery Tool - Peter Schneider
    I wore [Spryngs] every day after practice and games and again at night before heading to bed and loved it! It was very good for recovery and helped a lot during the intensive World Championship.
    Austrian National Ice Hockey Player
    Represented Team Austria in the IIHF World Championship
  • Kevin Harrington - Shark Tank talks about SPRYNG™
    Sprying is a revolutionary device, that will make the benefits of active compression more accessible for everyone!
    American enterpreneur and business executive.
    Original Shark on Shark Tank

Smart, Active Compression Is Now Available For Everyone

SPRYNG™ is an affordable, untethered, pneumatic compression wrap muscle recovery tool that helps improve circulation, athletic performance, and so much more.

Active Compression Drastically Improves Circulation

SPRYNG™ contains an innovative, patent-pending wavetec™ graduated compression pattern that prevents leg swelling and improves blood circulation. It does this by mimicking the skeletal muscle pump that occurs following strenuous exercise, aiding in the return of blood to the heart so swelling and muscle injury is reduced.

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Increases Performance And Recovery

Active Compression is an effective way to improve circulation, flush lactic acid, and increase oxygenation to muscle tissues to get you back on your feet faster. Get more oxygen throughout your body and higher performance.

100% Wireless

SPRYNG™ is completely wireless and tubeless. You can use it in whatever position and any situation. Simply strap it on and let it run! There’s nothing to plug in or connect - a fully untethered experience.

It Feels Amazing

Did we mention? SPRYNG™ feels absolutely incredible! We honestly can’t talk about it enough. The pneumatic compression is like a deep tissue leg massage that helps circulate your blood, pull out pain, and relax your entire body.

Extremely Affordable

Pneumatic active compression and muscle recovery used to be reserved only for professional athletes, universities, and the uber-rich. Now, we’re bringing its performance enhancing powers to you for a tenth of the cost (that’s 90% off)!

Recover Faster with Spryng

SPRYNG™ comes in a pair, one unit for each leg, and is a one-size-fits-all solution. A result of over three years of scientific research and development. The SPRYNG™ muscule recovery tool, driven by its unique patent-pending wavetec™ compression pattern, improves blood circulation through graduated compression of the calf muscle.

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