The Blue Flame

Inspired from space invaders that was every arcade’s top choice. The Blue fame is the power up that soothes down aching muscles. The wave compression turns the red soreness to a calm blue.

Tired, achy legs. Muscle soreness, lactic acid build-up, and blood pooling in the lower legs can cause fatigue and pain. Spryng™ gives you a way to power back up, accelerating muscle recovery, after any workout, so you can perform at your best each time.  Spryng™ also gives you the versatility to do more in your day, powering you up to go from an airplane seat to the ski slopes — or wherever life takes you!

Spryng™ isn’t just about recovering after working out — it’s for DJs, busy moms, women who dance the night away, guys who do Pilates, skiers, snowboarders, gamers, and bad-ass adventurers! Spryng™ is for anyone who likes to play!

The Science of Spryng

Spryng™ is a result of over three years of scientific research and development. The Spryng™ calf wrap, driven by its unique patent-pending WaveTech® compression pattern, improves blood circulation through graduated compression of the calf muscle. The pneumatic compression technology boosts blood flow, which results in faster recovery. WaveTech® therapy can also benefit users by reducing leg swelling caused by the pooling of blood. The untethered and portable Spryng™ units will help you recover anytime, anywhere.

Product Notes

Spryng™ comes in a pair, one unit for each leg, and is a one-size-fits-all solution.



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