Decoding SPRYNG™

What is SPRYNG™?

SPRYNG™ is an active compression device worn on your leg to relieve tired achy legs and to make you feel great and perform at your best again. It does this by improving blood circulation, reducing swelling, and aiding recovery of your leg muscles .

Can you briefly explain the science behind SPRYNG™?

Yes, this is the fun part! SPRYNG™ uses a dynamic WaveTech® pattern which gradually compresses your calf muscle to mimic the normal physiology in your leg. When you work out micro-tears can appear in the muscles. The short-term effects of this can be uncomfortable: unhappy limbs and swollen, inflamed muscles. SPRYNG™’s active compression helps to combat this by aiding blood circulation. This effectively pumps blood towards the heart, reducing the intramuscular space available for swelling and helping to promote the stable alignment of muscle fibers. SPRYNG™’s can also help aid faster recovery after strenuous exercise by promoting a heightened rate of lactic acid flush out so you can feel brand new and energized for your next work out.

Can you explain the technology behind SPRYNG™?

The device uses pneumatic compression. The patent pending WaveTech® pattern combines three distinctive massage techniques - pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release to mimic your calf muscle.

How many compression patterns does SPRYNG™ have?

The device has two compression patterns. One being the clinically validated and patent pending WaveTech® pattern (green light) which we recommend for sports recovery. The second is a pulsing compression pattern (blue light) which feels milder and helps improve blood circulation and reduce leg swelling, which we recommend for the wellness enthusiast.

How many levels of intensity does SPRYNG™ have?

SPRYNG™ has three levels of intensity. First, is a mild mode at 50mmHg. Then we have a medium intensity at 70mmHg. SPRYNG™’s highest level of intensity is at 110mmHg. This is the highest recommended level. After all, your blood pressure in your body is 120mmHg at its max. This level is for those recovering after a tough workout routine where your calves need a bit of tough love to recover! At this level, you would get the best of both worlds; a scientifically proven safe level of compression which gets the job done while not being distracted by the feeling of over compression!

Does SPRYNG™ really really work?

We know it does! But, we’ll let you be the judge of that too! We have done early clinical trials which showed that wearing SPRYNG™ for 15 minutes in between workouts seemed to improve performance by 50%!

Who should play with SPRYNG™

Who is this device for?

This device is for anyone wanting to make their legs feel and perform better. It is for everyday fitness enthusiasts, runners and cyclists to help them recover faster. It is for people standing on their feet all day or sitting for long periods of time. It is for long distance travelers who suffer from swelling and achy legs.

Getting the greatest SPRYNG™ experience

When should I wear my SPRYNG™s?

Fitness – can be worn before and after workouts
Wellness – can be worn at anytime
Air travel – can be worn during and post flying (BUT do get your physicians clearance if you have a medical condition)

When should I not wear my SPRYNG™s?

When working out! It’s to help you recover so that’s when you need to be wearing it – pre and post workout. Do not wear your SPRYNG™s while doing any form of rigorous activity.

Do I have to sit in one place when wearing SPRYNG™?

No – that’s the best part about it. It’s the first of its kind device where you can be wearing it and carry on with your normal routine.

Do I have to wear my SPRYNG™s the entire day or for a long period of time?

Absolutely not! You only need to wear your SPRYNG™s for 15-30 minutes do get the job done. The device automatically shuts down after each 15-minute session. If you are in love with our device, go ahead, use it multiple times a day, we won’t snitch. However, if you suspect you might have a medical condition we recommend you get your physicians advise before using the product.

Game-On with your SPRYNG™s

How do I use SPRYNG™?

It’s very easy! Your SPRYNG™s are labelled left and right. Simply wrap your SPRYNG™ around your calf muscle between your knee and ankle with the power module placed on the front of your leg. Once you have it in place, tighten it firmly so that you feel a good amount of tension. Then do the same for the other leg. Once both are secured tightly on your leg, power up the device by pressing the power buttons on each leg.

How do I switch-on my SPRYNG™s?

The device has an easy to use interface with three buttons. The center button is the power up button. The arrow pointing up is the intensity (pressure level) button. The two diamond button is used to change the compression pattern. We want you to play around with the interface to see what pattern and compression level suits you best!

How do I switch off my SPRYNG™s?

Press and hold the power button. If you only want a pause, then press the power button once.

Should my SPRYNG™s be synced?

Not at all! However, if you would like the same sensation on both legs simultaneously, then bring your knees together and press on the intensity or compression pattern button on the right leg interface. This will synchronize your SPRYNG™s.

SPRYNG™ Safety

Is the SPRYNG™ device safe to use?

Yes, absolutely! The SPRYNG™ device is safe to use by any person in a healthy condition. We’ve done multiple tests to validate both the efficacy and the safety of the product. However, if you suffer from a medical condition, such as but not limited to cardio vascular issues, high blood pressure, and DVT, this product would not be for you. We highly recommend any person with a medical condition to obtain medical clearance from their physician before using this product. This product is also not suitable for children or pregnant women.

SPRYNG™ Sizing

What sizes does the SPRYNG™ come in?

SPRYNG™ comes in a one standard size. Refer our sizing guide for more information.

Care for your SPRYNG™s

Is it okay for me to get sweat all over the product and how do I clean my device?

Yes, of course. SPRYNG™ is made with an inner fabric which can be washable. Remember only wash the detachable fabric and not the whole device.

Is it waterproof?

Sadly, not! We didn’t foresee you going swimming with your Spryng™s on!

How long do I need to charge my SPRYNG™s?

You should charge your SPRYNG™s for approximately 2½ hours for a full charge.

How long will the battery last?

On a full charge your battery will last for 2½ hours of simultaneous operation. This is roughly equivalent to 8 to 10 cycles on a single charge.

Can I travel with my SPRYNG™s?

Of course! Nearly all airlines will allow you to hand carry the device as the battery is only 1800mAh. This compares to your phone battery. Most airlines also allow it in checked-in luggage as the battery is part of an electronic device. However, for checked-in luggage we recommend you check with your airline first.

What would be the warranty on my SPRYNG™ device?

SPRYNG™ offers a 1-year warranty on all system components from any manufacturing defects under normal use. You can find more about our warranty policy in the warranty section.

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