Decoding SPRYNG™


What is SPRYNG™?

SPRYNG™ is the ultimate wireless, portable, active compression calf wrap that speeds recovery and relieves tired and achy legs. It uses patent pending wavetec™ compression patterns that helps you to recover with just 15 minutes of use anywhere, anytime.

SPRYNG™ is completely untethered (without wires) and therefore promotes mobility – unlike other active compression products that force the user to be seated and stationary during the session. With SPRYNG™, the user can experience recovery whilst standing or walking around doing their day-to-day chores.

Some of the benefits of SPRYNG™
  • Helps improve blood circulation/flow
  • Reduces swelling
  • Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue (due to strenuous athletic activities)
  • Helps to relieve tired achy legs from prolonged standing or long-distance travelling
  • Promotes lactic acid flush-out
  • Increases oxygen to muscle tissues
Will SPRYNG™ fit me?

SPRYNG™ is currently manufactured in one size and fits a maximum of 16 and a half inches around the midpoint of your calf. Refer our size guide below to measure your calf before you buy.

If it doesn't fit, we offer extenders free of charge to allow everyone to use the product. Our extenders provide an additional 5 inches to your SPRYNG’s. To receive a pair of extenders with your order, send in your request to, with your order number clearly mentioned in your email.

How do I use SPRYNG™?
  • Your SPRYNG™s are labelled left and right.
  • Simply wrap your SPRYNG™ around your calf muscle with the power module placed on the front of your leg
  • Once you have it in place, tighten it firmly so that you feel a good amount of tension. Then do the same for the other leg.
  • Once both are secured tightly on your legs, power up the device by pressing the power buttons on each leg.
  • The arrow pointing up is the intensity (pressure level) button. The two diamond shaped buttons can be used to change the compression pattern.
  • To switch off the device, press and hold the center button again. If you only want a pause, then press the power button once
  • The device automatically shuts down after each 15-minute session.
How long do I need to wear my SPRYNG™ for?

You only need to wear your SPRYNG™s for 15-30 minutes to get the job done. After a full charge (approximately 2 and a half hours), the device will last for 8 to 10 sessions that last for 15 minutes each. The device automatically shuts down after each 15-minute session, but you can turn the devices back on for continued sessions.

Is SPRYNG™ waterproof?

Sadly, not! Even though SPRYNG™ can be used almost anywhere, do not use them in the shower! If you need to clean your SPRYNG™s, it is made with an inner fabric which can be washable. Remember, only wash the detachable fabric and not the whole device. The outer of the device can be cleaned by wiping them down with any consumer wet-wipes available in the market.

Can I carry SPRYNG™ when I travel?

Yes, nearly all airlines will allow you to travel with your SPRYNG™ in your carry on. Portable electronic devices containing lithium metal or lithium-ion cells or batteries (watches, calculators, cameras, mobile phones, laptops, camcorders etc.) can be carried by passengers or crew for personal use.

For checked-in luggage, we recommend you check with your airline in advance first.

Is it safe to use?

SPRYNG™ is safe to use by any person in a healthy condition. We’ve done multiple tests to validate both the efficacy and the safety of the product.

We highly recommend any person with a medical condition, such as but not limited to cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, and DVT, to obtain medical clearance from their physician before using this product. This product is also not suitable for children or pregnant women. If you do have a medical condition, and would like to find out more details, please download the SPRYNG User Guide.

Additional Info

Please see these instructions for additional information.


Is SPRYNG™ available to purchase in retail stores?

SPRYNG™ is currently only available to purchase from our website

I am having difficulty using my discount code

You can only use one discount code per transaction. If you are still having difficulties applying a discount, please contact

Can I modify an order once it's been placed?

If there are any changes to your order, please write to us at prior to your order being shipped and a shipping notification is received by you. Once your order has been dispatched, we are unable to make any changes or recall your order. Changes you are able to make include: 

  • Amending your ordered items
  • Order cancellations
  • Shipping/delivery address changes


How long will delivery take

Your order will be shipped via FedEx and may take up to 7 days to process, given the current global situation. In the rare and unlikely event that the package is held for FDA clearance, it will delay your shipment until this clearance is complete. Find out more details on our shipping policy here.

My order hasn’t arrived yet

We're so sorry to hear this. Since SPRYNG™ is and FDA registered product, in some cases, it takes an additional 7-10 days for your package to go through the formal FDA clearance process and then be delivered to your address. Unfortunately, this delay is beyond our control. If after 7-10 days, you still haven't received your order, you can contact our Customer Care team at

Do you ship outside the US?

We currently ship to the USA, Canada and Singapore only. You can sign up on our website to get the latest updates on SPRYNG™.

Do you accept returns & replacements?

We offer replacements for products with manufacturing defects. If you think the item you received is faulty, get in touch with us at by sharing a few images or a video which can help us to assess the nature of the issue.


What is the technology used?

The device uses pneumatic compression.The patent pending wavetec™®solutions pattern combines three distinctive massage techniques - pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release to mimic your calf muscle pump.

The unique patent-pending compression patterns actively and gently push blood in the right direction and work with the natural flow of the body. The patterns aid the return of blood to the thoracic cavity to promote faster recovery.

How many compression patterns are there?

The device has two compression patterns. One being the graduated compression pattern (green light) which we recommend for sports recovery. The second is a pulsing compression pattern (blue light) which feels milder and helps improve blood circulation and reduce leg swelling, which we recommend for the wellness enthusiast. Both these patterns combined form the clinically validated and patent pending wavetec technology.

What is the intensity of the compression level?

SPRYNG™ has three levels of intensity. First, is a mild mode at 50mmHg. Then we have a medium intensity at 70mmHg. SPRYNG™’s highest level of intensity is at 110mmHg. This is the highest recommended level. After all, your blood pressure in your body is 120mmHg at its max. This level is for those recovering after a tough workout routine where your calves need a bit of tough love to recover! At this level, you would get the best of both worlds; a scientifically proven safe level of compression which gets the job done while not being distracted by the feeling of over compression!

How long do I need to charge it for?

The battery of SPRYNG™ takes approximately 2 and half hours to completely charge. Keep in mind that while charging, SPRYNG™ has a safety feature that prevents it from turning on. Make sure your device is not plugged in when you turn it on.

After a full charge, the device will last for 8 to 10 sessions that last for 15 minutes each. The device automatically shuts down after each 15-minute session, but you can turn the devices back on for continued sessions.

How do I sync both the sleeves together?

SPRYNG™ syncs both devices by using an IR receiver. The right sleeve holds the emitter and the left sleeve holds the receiver, in which a space is left open to enhance the communication between the sleeves.

In order to sync both devices together, you will need to bring your knees together and press on the intensity or compression pattern button on the right leg interface. This will synchronize your SPRYNG™s but this may have a variance of a few seconds when syncing.

What would be the warranty period?

SPRYNG™ offers a 1 year warranty on all system components from any manufacturing defects under normal use.