SPRYNG™ - the dynamic calf massage that goes beyond the ordinary.

SPRYNG™ is the ultimate wireless, pneumatic compression wrap that relieves aches, speeds recovery, improves performance, and feels incredible! Using a graduated compression mode, SPRYNG™ helps you recover with just 15 minutes of use anywhere, anytime. It’s a must-have device for anyone with tired and achy legs!

SPRYNGs Active Compression helps


Mimic Natural Muscle Contractions


Improve Circulation


Stimulate Tissue Repair


Increase Cellular Oxygen Supply


Supporting Circulation In Your Legs

Due to gravity, your legs usually have the worst circulation in your body - especially if you’re standing or sitting all day . Without active circulation through your calves, blood will pool at your feet - resulting in swelling and pain.

When your muscle pump remains inactive , you risk blood pooling, and inhibit circulation throughout your body (the blood in your feet is the same blood that is circulated through your heart and to your brain).

The Benefits of Improved Circulation:

Active Compression is an effective way to improve circulation , flush lactic acid , and increase oxygenation to muscle tissues to get you back on your feet faster. Get more oxygen throughout your body and higher performance .


Passive Compression Just Doesn’t Cut It

You’ve likely encountered other compression tools such as socks, wraps, and sleeves. The main issue with these passive compression accessories is that they don’t do much when you’re in an office, plane, car, kitchen - anywhere you’ll be sitting or standing. Passive compression only provides support when you are using your muscle pump. In other words, they only work when you’re ALREADY active - in a workout or on a walk/run.


This is where Active Compression comes in. This actively MIMICS the action of the calf muscle pump without you needing to do anything!

The Beauty of Active Compression

The beauty of active compression in athletics lies in its ability to optimise physiological processes and enhance physical performance. By providing targeted compression to specific muscle groups, active compression garments can improve oxygen delivery, facilitate waste removal, and reduce muscle oscillation during exercise. This can result in increased endurance, reduced risk of injury, and improved overall athletic performance.


Work On Its Own


Can We Used Standing or Sitting


Extremely Relaxing


Only Takes 15 Minutes

The Problem With Other Devices

Current devices are ineffective or only accessible to professional athletes. These devices end up being bulky, covered in wires and hoses, not portable , and extremely expensive.

They can have poor compression patterns that don’t use active compression, don’t match the muscle pump, or, worse, do more harm than good by pushing blood in the wrong direction.

Bulky - complicated, heavy, not portable

Expensive - reserved for high-paying professional athletes

Poor Compression Pattern - dangerous and harmful


Active Comphresion

Enhance Perfomance


Wear over Cloths

Works While Sitting

Use While Resting

Safe To Use


The Powerful Benefits Of SPRYNG™

Enhanced Muscle Recovery

One of the primary benefits of SPRYNG™ is its ability to promote faster muscle recovery. The active compression stimulates blood circulation and facilitates the removal ofmetabolic waste products, such as lactic acid, from the muscles. By improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles while accelerating waste removal, SPRYNG™helps reduce muscle soreness and fatigue after intense workouts, leading to quicker recovery times.

Improved Performance

SPRYNG™ can also enhance physical performance during exercise or training sessions. The active compression promotes increased blood flow to the muscles, which can enhanceoxygen supply and nutrient delivery. This improved circulation helps delay the onset of muscle fatigue, allowing individuals to train harder and longer. The added support fromthe compression can also provide stability to the lower limbs, reducing the risk of injury and improving overall performance.

Convenience and Portability

SPRYNG™ is designed to be convenient and portable, making it suitable for use in various settings. The device is compact and lightweight, allowing users to wear it duringworkouts, outdoor activities, or even while traveling. Its wireless design and rechargeable battery ensure ease of use and flexibility, enabling individuals to incorporate activecompression into their routines without significant disruptions.

Customizable Compression Levels: Another notable benefit of SPRYNG™ is its customizable compression levels. Users can adjust the intensity of the compression to suit theirpreferences and specific needs. Whether someone prefers a gentle massage-like sensation or a more intense compression, SPRYNG™ allows for personalized settings, ensuring optimal comfort and effectiveness.

Easy-to-Use Interface

SPRYNG™ features a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to operate. The device can be controlled via a smartphone app, which provides a seamless and intuitivecontrol system. Users can easily adjust the compression settings, set timers, and monitor their usage statistics, allowing for a personalized and informed compression experience.


SPRYNG™ can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals, including athletes, fitness enthusiasts, professionals who spend long hours on their feet, and those recovering frominjuries or surgeries. The device can be utilized for various purposes, such as pre-workout warm-up, post-workout recovery, general muscle relaxation, and even for alleviatingsymptoms associated with conditions like edema or venous insufficiency.

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