SPRYNG™ - the dynamic calf massage that goes beyond the ordinary.


Uncomfortable, aching calf muscles have long been fixtures of a life lived in the fast lane but with SPRYNG™, a pioneering active compression device, we aim to get you back to your best in no time.

What is Active Compression?

When you exercise strenuously, micro-tears can appear in the muscles. Your body not only repairs the damage in these muscles but remodels them into larger, stronger versions of themselves so they are more adept at working out next time. It’s a nifty way your body heals that means you can keep pushing yourself to the next level, but the short-term effects of this can be uncomfortable: unhappy limbs and swollen, inflamed muscles.

Active compression helps to combat this by aiding blood circulation through using external pneumatic compression. This effectively pumps blood towards the heart, reducing the intramuscular space available for swelling and helping to promote the stable alignment of muscle fibers.

In other words, compression stimulates the muscles into replicating their usual action, resulting in less muscle injury, swelling and soreness. Muscle repair time is also reduced, helping to improve athletic performance.


Why is this so important?

It goes without saying that the human body is a complex thing and the circulatory system is no different. It’s composed of three separate circuits: coronary, pulmonary and systemic. The coronary circuit is the network of arteries and veins that supplies blood to the cells of the heart whilst the pulmonary circuit carries blood to and from the lungs.

The rest of the body is served by the systemic circuit. Oxygenated blood, known as arterial blood, is carried away from the heart by arteries and distributed around the body via capillaries as needed. Once all the oxygen, hormones and nutrients have been absorbed, venous blood (darker due to the lower content of oxygen) is returned to the heart via a complex network of capillaries, veins and valves.

Blood returning your heart is essentially fighting gravity, relying on muscle pumps to reach its destination. About 90% of the venous blood returning to your heart from your legs is through the action of calf muscle pumps.

So how does SPRYNG™ help?

SPRYNG™ is different to other active compression devices on the market. It contains a graduated compression mode that prevents leg swelling through improving blood circulation in the body. It does this by mimicking the skeletal muscle pump that occurs following strenuous exercise, aiding in the return of blood to the heart so swelling and muscle injury is reduced.

We’ve also developed the device to also help aid in dispersing lactic acid build up and increasing oxygenation to tissues, meaning that the recovery period needed by your body between workouts is shorter.

Basically, it’s like a band aid, fixing you up so you can sneak in a bonus round anywhere, any time. This is because it’s portable and can be used on the go whenever is convenient for you.

But SPRYNG™ doesn’t just benefit gym bunnies. For those who sit for extended periods of time, circulation can slow; cue blood pooling, legs swelling and a higher risk of varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis occurring.

Because SPRYNG™ helps to prevent this the risks associated with sitting are reduced, so you can forget about aching legs after long plane journeys or hours spent behind a desk.


The Benefits of SPRYNG™

SPRYNG Accelerated recovery from athletic activities in just 15 minutes

SPRYNG Reduced muscle soreness and fatigue to keep legs healthy & fresher

SPRYNG Improved blood circulation to rid leg swelling, recover faster and perform better

SPRYNG Induced lactic acid flush out and oxygenation to muscle tissues to make you game-ready faster


The Tech and The Science

Can you briefly explain the science behind SPRYNG™?

Yes, this is the fun part! SPRYNG™ uses a dynamic graduated compression mode which gradually compresses your calf muscle to mimic the normal physiology in your leg. When you work out,micro-tears can appear in the muscles. The short-term effects of this can be uncomfortable: unhappy limbs and swollen, inflamed muscles. SPRYNG™’s active compression helps to combat thisby aiding blood circulation. This effectively pumps blood towards the heart, reducing the intramuscular space available for swelling and helping to promote the stable alignment of musclefibers. SPRYNG™’s can also help aid faster recovery after strenuous exercise by promoting a heightened rate of lactic acid flush out so you can feel brand new and energized for your next workout.

Can you explain the technology behind SPRYNG™?

The device uses pneumatic compression. This pattern has distinctive compression techniques - pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release to mimic your calf muscle.

How many compression patterns does SPRYNG™ have?

The device has two compression patterns. First is the Graduated Compression Pattern (green light) The second is the Pulsatile Compression Pattern (blue light). Both combined are referred toas SPRYNG compression. We recommend both to help improve blood circulation and reduce leg swelling.

How many levels of intensity does SPRYNG™ have?

SPRYNG™ has three levels of intensity. First, is a mild mode at 50mmHg at the bottom near the ankle. Then we have a medium intensity at 80 mmHg at the bottom near the ankle.SPRYNG™’s highest level of intensity is at 110mmHg at the bottom near the ankle. This is the highest recommended level. at its max. This level is for those recovering after a tough workoutroutine where your calves need a bit of tough love to recover! At this level, you would get the best of both worlds; a scientifically proven safe level of compression which gets the job donewhile not being distracted by the feeling of over compression!

Does SPRYNG™ really really work?

We know it does! However, we’ll let you be the judge of that too! We have done early clinical trials which showed that wearing SPRYNG™ for 15 minutes in between workouts seemed toimprove performance!!! Now you can use SPRYNG 2.0 up to 60 minutes.

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