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How Does Spinning Help Your Body and Circulation?

The chances are good of, hearing your mates talk of how fun and exhilarating spin classes which they attend are or even hearing the raving reviews of the health benefits of spin class while watching You Tube. You may ask how can sitting on stationary bike with other people syncing to music be fun as opposed to going for a run or simply outdoor cycling?  

What is spinning or a spin class?  

Spinning or spin class is group/social activity which primarily involves indoor cycling with minimal impact and high cardio sessions which burn a lot of calories. Spinning engages your quadriceps, hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings. It is the social element mixed with fun, music and a high intensity workout which makes spinning stand out.  

 If you are a beginner to spin classes here are some tips to help you get started – 

  • Wear comfortable sneakers or trainers with socks 
  • Yoga pants or stretchy gym pants or shorts. 
  • Athletic top or t-shirt 
  • Bring lots of water or a sports drink with electrolytes  
  • Stretch to prepare your muscles for the workout.  
  • Ask professional help to set up your bike properly  
  • Start slow and set your own pace 

While spin class can be a load of fun for a few, but be strange to others, this growing trend has tremendous health benefits that cannot be ignored.  

Here are some great health benefits of indoor cycling to keep you peddling on.  

  • Happy hormones equal happy you 

As a result of any exercise your body releases good hormones called endorphins into your blood. When endorphins are released, they interact with receptors in your brain triggering positive feelings. Although you may leave the physically drained after your workout you will feel mentally energized.  

  • Does spin class increase blood circulation 

The answer is a wholehearted ‘Yes.” Spinning is a demanding aerobic workout. As a result, your heart must work harder to pump blood to the rest of your body, this results in improved blood circulation. This improves cardiovascular fitness which improves the ability of the heart to push oxygenated blood to all parts of our body. In addition, as cycling primarily works out your legs it also improves leg circulation 

  • Is Spinning good for weight loss 

Without any doubts spinning is one of the highest caloric burning workouts you can do. “In the study Heart Rate Response and Calories Burned in a Spinning® Workout, subjects burned between 7.2 to 13.6 calories per minute. Total calories burned during a 40-minute Spinning® workout ranged from 467 to 617 calories. Burning calories has an impact on weight loss.  

  • Does indoor cycling build muscle? 

One of the major benefits of spin class is that it exercises your core and legs. This exercise improves muscle mass in your legs and strengthens your core. Your legs would become leaner and stronger.  

After a long and energizing workout recovery after spin workout is just as important, to avoid injury.  

Here are some post workout recovery tips to help you back on your feet stronger than ever.  

Muscle recovery after cycling 

One of the most common traits is leg pain and calf pain after spin class. While paying sufficient attention to a well-planned cooling down routine, after a strenuous workout like spinning, it is vital to keep hydrated preferably with a sports drink with electrolytes. Consuming a high protein diet consisting of a protein shake, nuts, chicken, or beef also helps in the repairing of muscles.  

  • Rest

You can take this in the literal sense and lie in bed or on your sofa all day or you can partake in a ‘Recovery Ride.” A “Recovery Ride” is a system of simply boosting blood flow throughout the body. The ‘Recovery Ride” is conducted through gentle exercise or cycling helping damaged muscles flush out lactic acid and recover quicker. Undertaking a “Recovery Ride” is remarkably simple, all you need to do is ride at an exceptionally low intensity for a brief period. You should be able to breath through your nose throughout so you would not attempt to exert yourself.  

Leg recovery after cycling 

One of the best ways to recover after spinning is by trying out the worlds most advanced muscle recovery tool SPRYNG. The SPRYNG compression leg wraps use active compression technology to improve circulation and flush out lactic acid and thereby reduce pain. With over 10,000 delighted customers SPRYNG contains an innovative, patent pending Wavetec™ graduated compression pattern that prevents leg swelling and improves blood circulation. Being FDA approved it has also been tested by many scientific studies to prove its effectiveness.  


SPRYNG has many advantages when compared to other active compression and leg compression devices in the market. A few of them are - 

  • Quick recovery- It takes only 15 minutes to produce results.  
  • Embrace freedom - It is lightweight, portable, and untethered so it fits nicely so it fits nicely in your bag.  
  • Extremely affordable –it is cheaper than any other active compression devices of its kind on the market. 
  • Looks great- It is available in a range of colours unlike most tools for muscle recovery.  
  • Convenience- Place your order now via our website and become eligible for free delivery to your doorstep. You can also make your purchase from select CVS and Road Runner Stores in the USA.  
  • Buy now and pay later with easy instalment settlement options for online purchases from our website www.spryngme.com  

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