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How Do Calf Massagers Work to Improve Blood Circulation and Reduce Leg Pain?

After a long hike or a workout at the gym your calves will ache, and you can dream of is a relaxing calf muscle massage. You can either do it yourself or enlist the services of an expert masseuse, but there is a more effective and hassle-free option  available called calf massagers. 

Why do calves ache after exertion? 

Muscles  consists of fiber that contract and release on command. When muscles work strenuously, micro-tears appear in fibers. The body responds by rebuilding  fibers that are stronger and denser, this enabling the muscles to adapt to more demanding exercises. This is how bodybuilders train to gain muscle mass.  

The healing process takes some time to rebuild the torn fibers, resulting in sore muscles  

How to improve circulation in calves and treat inflamed calf muscles 

It requires more pressure to pump blood to peripheral body parts from the heart. Being the furthest from the heart, the lower part of the legs is often prone to health issues  - such as infections and swelling. 

Even though the heart is the primary organ that pumps blood, calf muscles act as a secondary pump to support blood flow  via the veins in the legs. The blood flowing back to the heart is the most energy-consuming effort because the heart needs to work against the gravitational pull. To reduce the backflow, the veins in the legs have evolved a valve system that only opens up to the blood flow towards the heart. Therefore, when the calf muscles contract, they squeeze the veins and pump the blood upwards.  

Due to an injury or overuse, calf muscles could get inflamed and swollen, thereby reducing mobility. The result is constricted veins and reduced blood flow that ends up causing swollen and painful lower parts of the legs. 

What can you do to speed up the recovery process? 

Keeping the affected muscles at rest is key.  Reduce inflammation by applying a hot or old compress before massaging. Read further about muscle recovery treatments including the best way to massage calf muscle in this article. 

The most hassle-free and efficient way to recover sore calf muscles is using an active compression device. 

How does active compression work? 

Active compression stimulates muscles into replicating their natural contraction and release mechanism using external pneumatic pressure. This process pumps blood to the heart and reduces swelling of the limbs by gradually decreasing intramuscular space. Active compression also effectively disperse lactic acid, a byproduct of anaerobic respiration of the muscles, minimizing chances of cramps. 

The gentle and rhythmic massaging  of the tissues increases blood flow and improves oxygenation which drastically helps  injured muscles to heal faster. 

Active compression is not just a theoretical concept, many devices utilize the concept to provide the most efficient relief from muscle pain and to improve blood circulation in legs. 

3 factors to consider before buying a muscle recovery tool 

  • Portability and size: Always look for a muscle recovery tool that is travel-sized, and which can be used uninterrupted while multitasking. Won’t it be more productive having a tool that could be used while you work at your computer or watching TV? 
  • Features: Muscle recovery tools come with many features. Research on these features and how it can elevate your tool and increase performance. 
  • Budget: Price doesn't always equal with quality. There are many alternative tools like SPRYNG that offer good features at an affordable rate. 

What is the best foot and calf massager? 

SPRYNG is a patent-pending, research-backed, innovative muscle recovery tool. It has unique features that stand out from its competitors as the best calf massager. 

  1. SPRYNG combines three distinctive compression techniques - pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release to mimic your calf muscle.
  2. SPRYNG can alleviate muscle pain in 15 minutes. 
  3. SPRYNG is untethered; After an exhausting workout you don’t want to spend the rest of the day at a leg massager machine, you’d rather go watch TV or read a book. This wireless device can be used anywhere and at any time. 
  4. SPRYNG is compact and portable.  
  5. It’s affordable!  

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