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How to Run More Efficiently & Effectively

Strength Training

If you are a runner, adding strength training to your schedule can be very beneficial to you. It can set you apart from the rest. There are three main benefits of strength training for runners.

  1. Prevent injuries – By improving your overall strength, it will help to toughen your connective tissues, increasing your resilience towards injury.
  2. Increase muscular power - How to run faster? That is a question on every runner's mind. Strength training helps to produce a stronger force onto the ground so that you run much faster
  3. Improve neuromuscular coordination – If you’re wondering how to run efficiently, strength training is the key. It improves your running economy & leaves you with a smoother stride by improving the communication pathways between your brain and muscles.

Adding strength training to your schedule 2-3 times a week is recommended to produce the most benefit to you as a runner. Many runners want to know how to run efficiently for long distances. A strength workout that incorporates core movements, would improve your posture and help maintain your running form for longer. This is accomplished by improving your overall stability and control of your movements. This helps you avoid form-errors, like rotating your torso or flailing your arms when you start to get tired, that cost you a lot of energy. A strong core also gives your other muscles a strong foundation to help them work at maximum capacity.

So, there you have it! There are many reasons runners should strength-train. And the good news is you don’t need a gym—or any equipment—to get the job done. Read our article ‘The Pandemic has given a window for strengthening for runners'  to find out some great strength training exercises you can do at home.

Fix Your Stride

To answer your question how to get faster at running, a few adjustments to your running style can reap major rewards when it comes to mileage, injury prevention and speed. Paying more attention to your form will make you a more economical and efficient runner.

How to improve running technique?

Here’s 4 thing’s you can do to have a more efficient running technique

  1. Determine Your Foot Position

Studies and experts disagree on what the best foot strike is. It is commonly promoted to land on your forefoot. However, you’ll be more economical if you land on the part of your foot that comes naturally to you. Altering that will only impact your running economy.

  1. Improve Your Cadence

Cadence is your running rhythm, that is, the number of steps you take in a minute. Improving your cadence should help you improve your stride by helping you shorten it.

  1. Better Posture

Posture is very important for your running form. Poor posture causes your body to work harder, your muscles to overwork and restricts blood and oxygen flow.

  1. Proper Body Positioning

Keeping your muscles strong and at the proper place makes your muscles work less so you can run more efficiently. Your arms should be rhythmic and relaxed and should not be swinging back and forth across your midline. Your core should also be held tight to keep your body stable.

How to Run more effectively and efficiently


Do your calves hurt after running? Well, you’re not alone! There are several home remedies for leg pain after running.

We also recommend complementing your home remedies with SPRYNG Active Compression solution, a powerful and effective device to help speed up your recovery and get you back on your feet faster. It does this by mimicking your skeletal muscle pumps that occur after strenuous exercise, the device aids in the return of blood to the heart so swelling and muscle injury is reduced



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