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Beginner’s Guide to Ultra Running

What is Ultra Running?

Did you know in 2012 the 24-hour Ultra Racing world champion ran a total distance of 277.543km?

Ultra Racing, Ultra Marathon, or Ultra Running is a relatively new sport which was officially recognized in 1988. Given its recent beginnings, there is a lot to learn about the sport, including how to train for such a demanding sport.

How to become an Ultra Runner?

It will take time, dedication, and effort to prepare for ultra running. Not only is it physically demanding, but the runner must also train for mental endurance.

Ultra Running training for beginners

You should approach training with a proper understanding of your limits. This would help you avoid injuries. Consult with your physician before you start training and talk to an experienced trainer to set goals and decide on a training schedule.

Start your training as early as possible, at least a year before the event you’re planning to compete in. Don’t rush your training, instead opt to stay consistent in running the 20-30 miles range per week. Don’t exert beyond what the body can bear. Consistency is key, and you’ll notice a gradual improvement in your physical performance and confidence.

Start small. Begin to compete in short races such as 5000m to half marathons. The experience will prepare you for the ultimate goal of Ultra Running.

How to take care of your body from injuries

Allocate time to warm up before the training and warm down after the training. You should adhere to this practice to avoid muscle injuries in the legs.

It’s said that “stress plus recovery is adaptation”, what it means in this context is pushing your body to the limit doesn’t make you better at running, you should recover after the training in order to get the desired results. While on a demanding exercise routine micro-tears appear in your muscles, then the fibers regrow stronger, adapting to the required strength to perform the exercise. This is why muscle recovery is as important as training.

How to recover muscles

Calf muscles, especially, would ache after a long run. The soreness would last a few days until the muscles are fully recovered. Note the following tips to reduce injuries and speed up the recovery process.

Drink water: Water is essential to the recovery process. Drink water or have a sports drink containing electrolytes (salt) because Ultra Runners lose electrolytes through sweat.

Eat a lot of protein: Protein is the fundamental building block of muscle. Add eggs, peanut butter, or a protein shake to your meal plan. Talk to a nutritionist to optimize your eating habits as an Ultra Runner.

Know the limits and empathize with your body: Don’t be harsh with yourself. The human body is intricately built, so listen to your body. If you feel soreness in muscles don’t push yourself until it subsides.

Try active recovery exercises and tools: Stretching exercises before and after the training session is mandatory to prevent injuries and reduce inflammation. The other effective active recovery exercises are Yoga and Tai Chi.

However, the use of active recovery tools such as SPRYNG is the most effective in alleviating inflammation, reducing soreness, and speeding up the recovery process.

How does SPRYNG work?

There are a lot of active recovery tools available in the market. But SPRYNG is perhaps the most effective of them all.

After a long Ultra Running training session, your calf muscles will be stressed. This will result in swollen, inflamed, and aching muscles. This device helps the calf muscles to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling and inflammation of muscles. This method is called Active Compression. To learn more about active compression check this article here.

SPRYNG is designed with cutting-edge patent-pending technology. It’s not only the most effective active compression tool out there, but the most convenient and affordable. It’s untethered, so it doesn’t demand allocated time for a session, you can even use the tool while watching TV.

If you are a beginner Ultra Runner, SPRYNG is perhaps the best tool you should add to your fitness regime.

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