5 Simple Food & Exercises to Reduce Muscles Soreness

Exercise no matter how you attain it, has a positive impact on your body and mind. Through the release of chemicals called endorphins your body may experience improvements to your physical health and mood. Endorphins are nature’s natural painkiller inbuilt in the human body to relieve pain and create a general feeling of wellbeing. 



If you’re into strenuous physical activities such as long-distance biking, marathons or trail running, you are likely to experience occasional exercise-induced muscle soreness or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Sore muscles can have a negative impact to your overall health. It can also diminish your mood and increase the risk of injuries.  

Despite this there is light at the end of the tunnel:  

First, let’s examine how to recover from leg soreness? 

Exercise and the right nutrition are one of the best ways to combat sore muscles! 

Balanced nutrition is vital for a healthy and balanced life. While the below mentioned food, help with muscle soreness, it should be consumed in moderation whilst also maintaining a balanced diet.  

What foods help with sore muscles? 

  • Watermelon – This juicy summertime favourite is not only just a thirst quencher, but it also has some very surprising nutritional credentials. It contains amino acid I-citrulline which has been known to reduce sore muscles.   
  • Hydrate with water or a sports drink with electrolytes - Water and electrolytes plays a pivotal role in muscle repair and the production of glycogen. Studies have proven that muscle rejuvenation progress is decelerated by half when muscles are not suitably hydrated.  
  • Consume food with high Omega 3 values- Fatty fish like sardines, salmon and trout are great natural sources of nutrients your body needs for muscle recovery. Fatty fish is a source of high protein, a macronutrient that accelerates muscle repair. Therefore, fatty fish is a one of the favourite foods that help ease muscle pain 
  • Eggs- are known as for their rich nutritional values and favoured by athletes for their high protein content. The high protein content in eggs will also aid in muscle recovery.  

When watching pro athletes, you will see them consume bananas very frequently. Do bananas help reduce sore muscles? 

Yes, bananas are an easy to digest source of complex carbs that contain insulin and potassium which help reduce soreness in muscles. Bananas also help reduce cramps during a workout.  

Along with proper nutrition to avoid sore muscles, exercise and stretches also play a pivotal role too.  

Here are 5 stretches to help reduce sore legs  

  • Side Lunges (12 reps for each leg) 

Side lunges will help stretch and strengthen the muscles around your legs. To do a side lunge stand with your feet apart. Take a long stride to the side and stretch your thigh muscles. Return to your original position and do the same with your other leg.  

  • Calf stretch 

Due to the intense strain, we place on our calf muscles when doing high- impact activities or stand for hours on end, our calf can become tight from bearing our weight. To release this strain, they will require stretches. Begin your calf stretch by sitting on the ground with your legs straight out in front of you. Place a long towel or yoga strap around the balls of your feet. Keeping your back and knees straight, gently pull the towel or strap so your toes start pointing toward your body. Breathe naturally while you hold the stretch for 30 seconds before releasing. 

  • Toe touch 

Just like it sounds this stretch will require touching your toes. While this is no easy feat for some of us, it helps if you are flexible. Toe touches are usually done to stretch your hamstrings and calf muscles.  

  • Quadricep stretch  

Your quadricep muscles run along the front of your thigh. To begin your stretch stand in front of a wall for support. Grasp your ankle and gentle lift your heel toward your buttock. Hold for 30 secs and repeat.  

  • Lunges 

Lunges works your hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core and the hard-to-reach muscles of your inner thighs. To begin your lunge, stand with your feet apart. Take a step forward with your right leg and start to shift your weight forward. Lean forward so your left knee touches the floor. Get back to your original position and repeat.  

Another aspect of working out is being able to avoid DOMS. DOMS can be caused by any increased intensity to your workout and exercise routine.  

How to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)?  

  • Hydrate- as mentioned before a lack of electrolytes contributes to muscle soreness so make sure you are staying hydrated throughout your workout.
  • Sleep- Sleep is a regenerative process vital for your body’s’ recovery. When sleeping your body is able to restore, rebuild and adapt. Adults should aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep daily.  

In addition to stretches and eating right to help muscle recovery there are some additional methods to help get your recovery on track.  

How to make your legs stop being sore? 

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