Few Tips for Post Hiking Recovery

As the freezing temperatures of winter draws to a gradual closure, and the weather warms up a fraction, the hiking season begins. Exploring the great outdoors on the fringes of winter is always a treat, as the forests come alive and begin to sprout their foliage.  

When hiking, no matter the distance, being long hours on your feet on rough, uneven terrain takes a toll on your feet, calf muscles, hamstrings, and glutes, this results in calf pain after hiking. This pain is caused by a build up of lactic acid in your legs due to a lack of blood circulation.  

Even if you are a veteran backpacker or novice day tripper, it’s good to warm up before any physical activity. On the same note it’s just as important to gradually cool down after any physical exercise to avoid sore legs after hiking. However, the common question remains “how to relieve sore muscles after hiking” and thankfully there are a couple of time-tested remedies out there.  

Here are a few tips for post hiking recovery   

Post hiking stretches 

As we already know stretching and cooling down after physical activity is an important aspect of your hiking recovery plan, one may wonder, of the plethora of stretching routines available to stretch leg muscles which one or which ones do you pick for your post hike recovery. A few well targeted stretches for sore legs are a great start: 

Our legs consists of a complex band of muscles. Therefore, one is required to complete a range of stretches to target each of these muscle groups to avoid injury and aid post hiking recovery.  

    • Calf Stretch- Our calves play a pivotal role when performing unremitting activities such as running and walking on uneven terrain. Our calves become tight from bearing our weight and requires adequate stretching prior and post hiking.  
    • Hamstrings Stretch- Our hamstrings consist of 3 muscles at the back of your thigh which are prone to tightening. 
    • Glutes Stretch- The Glutes are the largest muscle in your body located near your buttocks area and are responsible to generating lots of power for activities like walking and even sitting.  

Staying hydrated  

Staying hydrated throughout your hike will help you fend off dehydration and aid in recovery long after a hike. One is at a greater risk of dehydration especially when hiking at higher altitudes or colder weather. The body tends to dehydrate faster due to the dry air or during colder weather. 

But how much water would you require? This depends on the individual and their existing fitness and health conditions. In addition to staying hydrated during your hike, as a general rule hikers should drink a minimum of 2 cups of water immediately to aid in post hiking recovery.  Water plays a pivotal role in muscle repair and the production of glycogen. Studies have proven that muscle rejuvenation progress is decelerated by half when muscles are not suitably hydrated. So, there cannot be a better time to reach for that bottle, for a quick recovery after hiking.  

Cold compression treatment  

After a long hike cold compression treatment can aid your journey to post hike recovery. This home remedy dates back ages, to reduce painful leg muscles, applying cold compression for leg pain, can reduce inflammation of the muscles thus reducing pain and swelling. Cold compression for leg pain can be applied in the form of over the cover ice packs or cold baths. However, this method of treatment can often be an inconvenience when out in the wilderness.  

Using a Calf Compression Wrap (SPRYNG)  

    In today's context there are more advanced and easier to use, scientifically proven devices used by enthusiastic hikers and professional athletes. One of which is SPRYNG, a calf compression wrap.  


    SPRYNG is the worlds most advanced muscle recovery tool. It uses active compression technology to improve circulation and flush out lactic acid, thereby alleviating pain. SPRYNG has many advantages when compared to other active compression devices in the market. A few of them are -  

    • Quick recovery- It needs only 15 minutes to produce results  
    • Embrace freedom - It is lightweight, portable, and untethered.   
    • Extremely affordable –it is cheaper than any other active compression device on the market.  
    • Looks great- It is available in a range of colours to suit your mood or wardrobe.  
    • Convenience- If you place your order now you become eligible for delivery to your doorstep 
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