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How to Relieve Leg Pain from Standing All Day

Many workers experience leg pain when their job requires them to be on their feet for a long time. The symptoms that arise from prolonged standing can become worse when you can’t move around much or when you wear unsuitable footwear. If prolonged standing is designed into your job, this can cause a considerable amount of pain, discomfort and swelling in your legs. If you’re a healthcare worker or work in the hospitality industry, lower leg pain from standing too long is probably something you experience on the daily and can take a significant toll on the body.

The good news is that there are several things you can do to reduce calf pain from standing on feet all day. Before we dive into that, lets us answer the burning question we all have on our minds, “why do my legs hurt after work?”.

Why do my legs hurt after work?

 By the end of a long day of standing at work, you probably feel aches and pains from your feet all the way up to your spine. It could be nurse leg pain, waitress leg pain, or anyone’s leg pain for that matter! The most reported symptoms from extended periods of standing are discomfort, fatigue and swelling in the legs.

If you wondered what causes tired legs, it's because your leg muscles are activated and working hard to keep you in an upright, standing position. This combined with minimal movement, and rest may result in your joints becoming temporarily ‘stuck’. For healthcare professionals, and those who work in the hospitality industry, repeated days of prolonged standing will result in muscles getting tired. This could, in the long term, lead to eventually having soft tissue injuries.

Another factor that contributes to the pain from standing for too long is leg swelling. This happens because standing reduces blood flow and stops the normal ‘skeletal muscle pump’ in your calves that returns blood from the feet and legs to the heart.  Fluids do not move unless your leg muscles contract. When there is no leg muscle contraction, fluid buildup occurs, and veins get inflamed.

People who stand for long periods of time are also prone to varicose veins Those with a family history of vein disease are even more at risk.  This is when veins in the lower extremities tend to swell and stay filled with blood, especially when standing.  In such instances, the heart must work even harder to pump the blood back up towards the thoracic cavity-fighting gravity the entire time.



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What to do for tired achy legs

Now that we’ve determined what causes tired legs, we can explore some home remedies for sore leg muscles. If you’ve been wondering how to relieve sore leg muscles, we have a few tips and tricks to share with you.

Wear appropriate footwear

If you plan on standing for hours at a stretch, ditch the high heels, sandals & unsupportive flats. Choose comfortable footwear that supports your feet. For added comfort, we recommend wearing insoles to provide extra cushioning.

Strength Building

Practicing yoga can help you maintain a better posture, as well as loosen and strengthen the muscles of the entire body.

SPRYNG Active Compression Solution

SPRYNG is an untethered, active compression therapy solution which can be used while on the job, when you are commuting to work, or even at home. Remember that skeletal muscle pump in your calves we spoke about earlier? SPRYNG mimics muscle pump to rejuvenate your tired legs while standing.

Whether your leg pain, associated from standing for too long, is a result of work or play, it's important to keep your legs healthy and comfortable. While leg pain has many causes and symptoms that overlap if the pain persists or worsens, do visit a doctor to obtain timely intervention.

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