How Your Desk Job Might Be Bad for your Health

Did you know that your day job which requires you to spend hours at your desk might be contributing negatively to your health?! As you work from 9-5, sitting in a bad posture for hours with a lack of physical activity; you increase your chances of numerous health risks. These could range from bone problems to cardiovascular conditions. Here are some of the major health risks of desk jobs, and some tips on how you can negate these problems.

Cardiovascular Problems

Did you know that prolonged hours behind a desk has been linked to major cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, and other fatal heart diseases?

According to the European Health Journal and Bloomberg, individuals who work the usual eight-hour shift glued to their desks are not healthy, due to inefficient blood flow. Furthermore, spending more than 10 hours a day on your chair is 60% more likely to result in a heart attack, angina, or even death[1].

The Solution

A routine of frequent mobility is the best solution. Research suggests that changing your position every eight minutes, and taking at least a two-minute ‘moving break’ would help the system stay efficient[2].


Muscular Problems

Due to the lack of movement during your day job, as you sit behind a desk all day, working for prolonged hours can result in your muscle mass reduction and inefficiency. Simple household chores can now feel very taxing for you. If you start asking questions like “why do I feel muscle stiffness in my legs after sitting?” or “why do I experience muscle pain after sitting too long?”, then it is apparent that your muscles are not getting enough movement as a whole.

The Solution

A simple home remedy for leg pain, such as a foam roller may help, as it helps reduce the pain down the leg when sitting. However, this requires you to do it yourself and will take away your time to do other things you enjoy.

Using SPRYNG in conjunction helps reduce leg pain after sitting for a while. The patent-pending wavetecTM compression pattern of SPRYNG mimics the calf muscle pump and helps improve blood flow;  Combining all of this with some physical activity is proven to do wonders.

Skeletal Problems

Research shows that sitting all day at your desk job can lead to skeletal problems too,   such as arthritis and bursitis, which could cripple you for life[3]. Symptoms for these include swelling in the joints, particularly the knees, shoulders, and elbows.

The Solution

There are several home remedies for the swelling in legs and other joint problems. A simple foot massage or leg massage will take you a long way, however, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Dietary changes which include foods low in sodium, and rich in potassium and magnesium are also part of the remedy for swollen legs.

Maintaining a healthy posture at all times, and doing a simple workout regularly has to be incorporated as well if you want to have healthy bones.


Bad Health Habits

Your desk job can also instil some unhealthy habits that can make things worse in the long run.

Skipping breakfast, eating fast food, neglecting physical activity, and performing activities under stress are just some of these habits, leading to a body riddled with health complications. Diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure are some common ailments you can experience.

The Solution

The best way to instil good, healthy habits is by maintaining a routine that incorporates timely breaks, eating healthy, and physical exercise. 

All in all, your desk job might be bad for your health! However, there are several ways to negate these potential health problems, without ever having to compromise on work productivity.





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