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Key Leg Workouts To Improve Your Tennis Performance

Tennis, a beloved sport by many around the world which requires a combination of agility, speed, power, flexes, balance, coordination, cardiovascular and muscle endurance. Be it a professional, amateur or one who does it for mere leisure, fitness is a critical component for the sport to maintain focus, beat your opponent and give you that extra mental edge. 

The level of fitness required for the sport is evidenced by the ongoing French Open played at Stade Rolland Garros where players undergo rigorous training to play, win, beat, and be crowned as the ultimate grand slam champion. Whether one may be stretching for a wide forehand or simply moving towards the ball, tennis is donned as a physical sport which requires your body to stay at its optimum fitness. With long practice sessions and strenuous matches, tennis players are no stranger to sore and painful muscles. Therefore, it is paramount that tennis players should keep muscle injuries at bay as recovery depending on the injury can take time.  

Keeping a healthy tennis workout routine is vital to reduce muscle soreness and thereby reduce injury.  

While playing tennis is a great whole-body workout it puts a lot of pressure on your legs due to the continuous need to move up and down the court. In tennis, strength and conditioning go hand in hand with game performance. These simple and effective tennis leg workouts are a firm favourite of professional tennis stars, and what makes it better is that you can do it even in your living room.  

Best leg exercises for tennis players 

Walking lunge (20 reps in total) 

While doing this exercise, keep your body upright and lean forward with one leg. When leaning forward make sure that your knee touches the ground before standing back up. After that do switch to the other leg. Proceed to lunge forward until you finish all repetitions. 

Step up’s (12 reps for each leg)  

For this leg work out for tennis, use an elevated surface of your choice (a study box, stool, or short table), put one leg on the elevated surface and step up. Return to the initial position and do the same with the other leg. Twelve repetitions for each leg should suffice.  

Side Lunges (12 reps for each leg) 

Side lunges are one of the most popular tennis leg strengthening exercises. It will help stretch and strengthen the muscle around your legs. To do a side lunge stand with your feet width apart. Take a long stride to the side and to stretch your thigh muscles. Make sure your torso is upright as possible and bend your stretched leg to around 90°. Return to your original position and do the same with your other leg.  

After undertaking the above, leg exercises for tennis professionals and amateurs alike, if you continue to suffer from sore muscles after your workout, make sure your legs have enough recovery time. One of the best ways to recover from sore legs is by using a calf compression wrap like SPRYNG. The SPRYNG compression leg wraps use active compression technology to improve circulation and flush out lactic acid and thereby reduce pain.  


SPRYNG has many advantages when compared to other active compression and leg compression devices in the market. A few of them are - 

  • Quick recovery- It takes only 15 minutes to produce results.  
  • Embrace freedom - It is lightweight, portable, and untethered so it fits nicely so it fits nicely in your bag. This makes it is ideal for those pre- game and post-game massages.  
  • Extremely affordable –it is cheaper than any other active compression devices of its kind on the market. 
  • Looks great- It is available in a range of colours unlike most tools for muscle recovery.  
  • Convenience- Place your order now via our website and become eligible for free delivery to your doorstep. You can also make your purchase from select CVS and Road Runner Stores in the USA.  
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