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Leg Pain from Standing on Feet All Day - Tips for Nurses and Waitresses


  • Introduction
  • What professions are mostly affected by leg pain from standing?
  • What are some of the health problems caused by standing on your feet all day?
  • How to relieve leg pain from standing all day at work?
  • Nurses & Medical Staff Can Use These Methods to Treat Their Sore Legs
  • Waitresses, Teachers & Retail Staff May Find these Tips Helpful in Treating Leg Pain
  • How To Relieve Foot Pain for Construction Workers
  • Bank Tellers & Hairdressers Can Use These Measures to Relieve Foot Pain
  • Why SPRYNG is The Best Solution for Leg Pain from Work
  • Home remedies for leg pain
  • Why active compression is the best option

Do you work on your feet all day? Have you experienced constant leg pain from standing all day due to the nature of your work? If the answer is yes, you are not alone in this! Based on a survey done by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics in 2016, 61% of American workers were required to stand on their feet all day for their work[i].

Just as sitting down all day hunched over a desk for work is frowned upon due to its unhealthy nature and the repercussions that follow, standing for hours on end can also carry terrible consequences if it is continued for long periods of time[ii].

What professions are mostly affected by leg pain from standing?

Below are some of the professions that require you to be on your feet all day:

  • Nurses, Surgeons & Medical Staff
  • Waiters, Bartenders & Hospitality Workers
  • Teachers
  • Retail Staff
  • Hairdressers
  • Cooks, Restaurant Staff & Floor Managers
  • Construction Workers
  • Bank Tellers
  • Security Guards
  • Sportsman

If your choice of employment made it to this list, then chances are you have experienced some form of leg pain due to what your work constitutes. If that rings true, you may want to pay close attention to the health problems that are associated with standing for prolonged a period of time.

What are some of the health problems caused by standing on your feet all day?

Varicose veins and restricted blood flow[iii]

Varicose veins refers to the condition where the veins in your feet and legs become enlarged and twisted. This occurs when gravity pulls the blood in your body towards its lower regions due to long periods of standing and being on your feet. Generally, the blood that's pulled downwards by gravity can be circulated across the body as the valves in the lower region take care of pushing it back and forth. But, excessive periods of being on your feet tends to weaken these valves and they may eventually fail to result in the blood getting pooled in your lower legs and feet.

This leads to the veins in your legs ballooning and expanding to accommodate the excess blood in the region giving them an enlarged, knotted and bluish coloured nature.

Nurses and medical staff including surgeons regularly experience extra-long shifts. Most often than not, exceeding 12 hours of being required to be on their feet with little to no breaks in between. As a result, varicose veins are one of the most common ailments faced by those in this line of work.

Venous hypertension

Long term strained leg muscles and poor blood circulation can result in venous hypertension. This is the condition where the veins are unable to transport the deoxygenated blood in your legs back up to your heart to complete the oxygenation process. This can lead to high blood pressure as well as the formation of blood clots that are detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing.
Any type of professional that is required to be on their feet for extended periods of time due to work, is at risk of developing this condition. From construction workers to waitresses and bartenders, they may all experience venous hypertension due to the high levels of strain they exert on their feet and legs by standing all day long.

General muscle fatigue and sore muscles[iv]

Working in a standing position regularly is a key contributor to general muscle fatigue, as muscles kept in a constant state of stress can become exhausted. This leads to tension and swelling on the legs and feet. According to research, standing for five hours at a stretch can result in muscle fatigue, hence the severity of leg pain for those who stand for much longer due to their work would be far higher.

Foot pain

If your work requires you to prance about on your feet all day, you’re bound to experience foot soreness and foot pain.

Teachers, hairdressers and retail staff are all prone to experiencing foot pain from standing all day for work. Foot pain is generally caused by either the lack of blood circulation due to the strained muscles or wearing footwear that is not appropriate for your line of work.

How to Relieve Leg Pain from Standing All Day at Work?

Nurses, waitresses, teachers, construction workers and bank tellers are some of the professions that are mostly affected by leg pain as a result of standing all day for work.

One of the main reasons why nurses get leg pain from work is because their muscles become stiff due to standing in one position for long periods. It is common for nurses and medical staff to stay put for hours in a surgical theatre assisting the surgeons on complicated procedures thereby seeing most nurses experience sore feet after a 12-hour shift.

The last thing on your mind during this tense time is to take care of yourself and your sore feet. It is only after your workday is done that the nagging leg pain sets in that you scramble around looking for quick remedies for your aching feet.
So, what are some measures you can use to relieve leg pain while at work?

Nurses & Medical Staff Can Use These Methods to Treat Their Sore Legs

Wear appropriate shoes

Nurses can avoid certain unpleasant conditions like varicose veins simply by wearing the right type of shoes that can prevent sore feet. Additionally, it is recommended that nurses replace their shoes at least twice a year due to the high level of wear and tear it undergoes.

Leg compression therapy

Wearing a compression device, the likes of SPRYNG compression wraps, which only requires 15 minutes to ease your pain is one of the most ideal options to relieve leg pain for nurses. Targeting your strained calf muscles, SPRYNG relieves the built-up pressure in your muscles by allowing better circulation and as a result helps manage leg pain, varicose veins and swelling of your legs due to standing.

Waitresses, Teachers & Retail Staff May Find these Tips Helpful in Treating Leg Pain

Wear comfortable shoes

Wearing comfortable, high quality and properly fitted shoes with ankle support can assist your tired feet throughout your grueling shift. Wearing supportive footwear with orthopedic insoles can prevent a certain degree of muscle soreness from setting in from the very onset, as the shoes would accommodate better circulation.

Do some stretches

Even waitresses that experience leg pain from standing all day may benefit from some light stretching. This simple exercise can be done from anywhere at any time and can be used to relieve tension in sore muscles. Whether you have the long and drawn out workday of a waitress or the hectic schedule of a teacher with only a few minutes to spare between class intervals, it would be wise to squeeze in some light stretches throughout your day.

Use compression wraps

Since it is a portable compression wrap, SPRYNG can travel with you wherever you go. You can use these compression devices in most work environments instead of having to wait till you reach home to treat your sore legs. Whether you’re a nurse on a shift or a teacher that’s constantly on the move, taking care of your leg pain does not have to be postponed.

How To Relieve Foot Pain for Construction Workers

Wear proper footwear

As construction workers are required to stand on hard and uneven surfaces, whilst carrying heavy weights, it’s bound to put a strain on your back and leg muscles. Donning the right kind of heavy-duty footwear required by your profession can alleviate leg pain from standing on concrete all day.

Use compression wraps

Compression wraps are ideal for relieving leg pain caused by standing for too long as it helps to circulate blood in your legs more efficiently. Since the SPRYNG compression wrap only requires 15 minutes of your time, you can easily accommodate this into your working hours, and due to its portability and ease of use, it will not interfere with the work you do.

Do some light stretching

Doing some light stretching can serve as a great remedy for sore legs and feet caused by standing all day for work. Stretching out your feet, legs, and ankles for 5 minutes during a break can cause a world of a difference for your sore muscles. A few forward folds to bend and touch your toes, to a few full squats with arms stretched out and ankles lifted so the calf muscles can be stretched out is more than sufficient.

Bank Tellers & Hairdressers Can Use These Measures to Relieve Foot Pain

Wear compression devices

Compression socks or wraps such as SPRING enables better circulation within your stiff muscles. SPRYNG offers you a compact and fashionable solution compared to the other compression devices available in the market. You can easily have them on while you work with your clients and experience a leg pain free workday.

Stand on anti-fatigue mats[v]

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to alleviate foot pain that develops from standing on hard flooring for long hours at a time. From bank tellers to hairdressers and even cashiers may experience sore feet and legs due to constantly staying in one spot. Laying down an anti-fatigue matt where you stand for most of your day can help reduce some of the foot discomforts you experience throughout the day.

Why SPRYNG is The Best Solution for Leg Pain from Work

Stylish, versatile, and portable, this device enables you to treat your sore muscles and provide them with some relief wherever you are during the day. The cutting-edge technology in SPRYNG active compression wraps makes them one of the fastest methods available to recover from sore muscles as they are designed to help improve blood circulation in your sore calf muscles and thereby reduce swelling and muscle soreness that occurs from standing all day for work.
Regardless of your profession, if you’re facing any form of pain, stiffness, and muscle soreness from standing all day, this highly effective muscle recovery tool is recommended as a remedy for leg pain in all forms.

Home Remedies for Leg Pain[vi]

So, you’ve had your 12-hour shift and you’re finally home, all tired and stiff with that nagging leg pain thanks to standing on your feet all day. Now you’re hustling trying to find some quick fixes and home remedies for those sore leg muscles from standing all day.

Here are some of the most convenient home remedies for aching feet and sore legs:

Soak your feet

An age-old home remedy for foot pain is to draw a nice warm bath or soak your feet in a tub of warm water with Epsom salt, as it is a tried and tested method to relieve pain in your feet from standing all day. If you add in a few drops of lavender essential oil, it will not only give you that luxurious feeling of being at a spa, but it will also help reduce inflammation and rejuvenate your tired and aching feet.

Elevate your feet

Prop your legs up on some form of an elevated surface so that the blood which has pooled in and around your lower legs can begin to circulate, relieving the swelling of feet and legs. What is even better would be to invert your body completely, by lying on your back with your legs propped up against a wall. You can do this while lying down in the comforts of your bed. This method of elevating the lower half of your body can provide relief for the veins in your legs as they do not have to strain as hard to pump up the blood against gravity, as it does when you’re standing. This is also a very helpful home remedy for nurses that experience varicose veins due to standing.

Wear SPRYNG active compression wraps

Unlike those bulky, unappealing, and generic compression socks you bought from the local pharmacy, SPRYNG Active Compression Wraps are designed and formulated to relieve leg pain by utilizing a dynamic wavetec pattern that aids blood circulation in your legs. SPRYNG uses external pneumatic compression which is targeted at your calf muscles to help increase oxygenation of the muscle tissues.

Due to its portable nature, you can wear them while you run around doing your errands after work, or even while driving to the local grocery store for your weekly groceries. They are easy and comfortable to wear, and they are the fastest way to recover from sore muscles for those with hectic schedules and very little time to incorporate relaxation into their routines.

Rest and relaxation

Your overworked feet and legs will thank you for investing a couple of hours of rest and relaxation in yourself so that all those sore leg muscles can recover from your long day of work. Do not underestimate the benefits of a good night's sleep. Your body requires 7+ hours of sleep at a minimum to recover from the stressors of your daily work routine and thereby rebuild itself.

Why Active Compression is the Best Option

While all the methods mentioned above are useful remedies, you may wonder what is the best solution for relieving leg pain from standing all day, most of them cannot be counted on as a long term solution. That is so because the cause of your leg pain is not a one-time occurrence. When you are someone that works on your feet all day, leg pain becomes a constant in your life and as such you require muscle recovery tools that can be applied as and when you need it.
The benefits of leg compression therapy, far outweigh the other measures mentioned above. SPRYNG active compression wraps are undoubtably the most effective muscle recovery tools for your constant leg problem due to the several factors mentioned below:

  • Portable - Unlike the other remedies for sore leg muscles such as soaking your feet in warm water or going for a nice relaxing massage that can alleviate your leg pain, SPRYNG does not require you to create an entire schedule around it. The compact and untethered nature of SPRYNG active compression wraps makes it accessible to you anytime, anywhere.
  • Clinically tested - The sole purpose of SPRYNG is to aid blood circulation through pneumatic compression and thereby alleviate swelling and soreness of leg muscles.
  • Fast - recovery from leg pain through the use of SPRYNG active compression wraps for legs is takes only 15 minutes of your time. Which is why it is a great solution for those that have limited time and busy work schedules.
  • Fashionable - Unlike the uncomfortable compression socks that your grandma used to don, the modern and stylish appearance of SPRYNG makes it just another accessory to your clothing.
  • Affordable - Compared to regular medical grade pneumatic compression therapy devices available only in hospital or supervised medical settings due to their complicated nature, SPRYNG which is targeted for personal use provides an affordable solution that is accessible to all at the comfort of their own home.
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