Muscle Recovery Tools Aren’t Just for Athletes

Let’s say, you're scrolling through Instagram. You come across a post about SPRYNG. You keep swiping because...that kind of thing is just for athletes, right?

But the truth is that recovery tools can be used by anyone really.

Which brings us to our next question:

Why should muscle recovery matter to me?

Two reasons that drive the importance of muscle recovery at home.

Leg Cramps

Leg cramps can strike people at any age (but it mostly older people). They can happen if you sit for long periods at a time, overuse muscles, sit with bad posture, or walk on concrete floors.

Leg cramps can also be a manifestation of alcoholism and dehydration. Some leg cramps can also happen for no apparent reason.[1]

Leg cramps mostly happen at night while you’re sleeping, and the most immediate solution would be to move around or apply heat to the area.

Calf Pains

Calf pains aren’t only caused by muscle cramps after a workout. In fact, they can also happen because of varicose veins that may be triggered by pregnancy, hormone fluctuations or simply too little physical activity.

Your lifestyle does not have to be that of an athlete’s for you to consider muscle recovery strategies. You could be on your computer, working, binge-watching a TV show for long hours and wake up with leg cramps or calf pains.

Muscle Recovery Tips

Our curated list of the best things for muscle recovery.

Try This Exercise

Moving about more can help alleviate your leg cramps. So it’s time to get off of that couch (aka your home office) that you’ve grown too familiar with over lockdown periods.

Roll out your dusty yoga mat, if you can find it, and start with a hamstring stretch. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you. Next, reach out and pull your toes toward your knees. Without bending, of course.

Compression therapy anyone?

Compression stocking and wraps are often recommended by doctors (but make sure you pay a visit to yours before you head to the drugstore!)

What’s the purpose of compression?

The release of the right pressure at consistent periods is perfect for speeding up muscle recovery. This is ideal for the non-athlete as well because leg cramps and calf pains can happen in just about anyone.

What are the Benefits of Leg Compression Therapy?

Let’s just say that there’s a good reason why compression wraps can be taken along on flights. They provide much needed pain relief if your legs start swelling or begin to ache.

Compression also helps drain the lactic acid build up in your body which leads to faster recovery.

Are you interested in learning more about the science behind compression therapy and why it could work for you? Check it out here:


The Science of SPRYNG™ (,or%20working%20on%20concrete%20floors




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