Why Do Calves Hurt After A Long Walk?

Have you ever experienced pain in your calves after a long walk? Our calf muscles are used extensively when we walk, run, and jump.  this article we'll look what causes pain in calf muscles when walking, treatment alternatives and when to see a doctor.

Why Does My Calf Muscle Hurt When I Walk?

You may experience pain in both calves when walking due to a variety of causes. Some of the causes are related to normal muscular problems, while others are related to an underlying health problem. 

Muscle Cramping

Calf pain after walking long distance can happen due to cramping in the muscles. Muscle cramps occur when your muscles spasm. Your legs, particularly your calves, are the most usually affected. When you're walking, running, or doing any form of physical exercise, you're more likely to have cramps.

 Muscle cramps can be caused by a variety of factors with improper stretching before exercise and possible dehydration  being the main reasons. Other reasons would include using your muscles too much in a given period of time and your muscles not getting supplied enough blood.  It's possible that the damaged muscle will feel hard to the touch which answers the question of ‘why do my calves feel tight when I walk?’


Muscle Injury

Sore calf muscles after walking can also be caused by a calf muscle injury. Bruises and strains are the most common injuries that cause pain in the lower legs. When a blow to the body causes damage to the underlying muscle and other tissues without breaking the skin, it is called a bruise. When a muscle is overused or overstretched, the muscle fibers are damaged, resulting in a strain.

How To Stop Calf Pain When Walking? 

How do I stop my calves from hurting when I walk? Well for starters, you want to get rid of calf cramps as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are no magical ways that can instantly relieve your pain in such situations. However, there are steps you can take to alleviate calf cramps: 


If you have the need for instant calf cramp relief, try the following: straighten your leg and lift your foot until your toes are pointing at your shin while standing (or sitting with your leg unfolded in front of you). If you can reach your toes, pull on them. This stretch relaxes the muscle that is cramping. Be sure to stop any activity that may have caused the cramp and stretch the muscle lightly, holding the stretch for a few seconds. You can also massage the muscle while stretching or afterward.


If you have leg cramps that aren't caused by a more serious condition, you should try increasing your magnesium intake. Magnesium can be found in abundance in nuts and seeds. 

Heat Therapy

Use a wet cloth to apply this old-school sore calves remedy to a cramped muscle. Many people find relief from a hot soak. Dry heat, such as that provided by a heating pad, may also be beneficial.

Calf Muscle Recovery Tools

A calf muscle recovery tool like SPRYNG is a good way to combat the effects of a cramp after a long walk. SPRYNG's active compression technology helps to prevent blood from pooling in the legs, improving blood circulation throughout the lower body and reducing leg pain after a long walk. Another advantage of using SPRYNG is that you don't have to stay in one position for very long.

For more information on SPRYNG, visit our science page to find out more.

Calf cramps are usually a one-time, painful occurrence that passes quickly. They can be aggravating, especially if they happen while you’re walking or exercising. With the remedies stated above, you can be assured that you will not experience a cramp for very long when it does happen. Remember to always cease whatever it is you might be doing once you start to feel a cramp approaching and to act fast by using the list of calf muscle pain remedies listed above.



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