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Why Do You Get Leg Pain From Driving For Long & Quick Tips To Recover!

Some of us spend a significant amount of time driving. If you have a profession that demands a lot of driving specially cross state with limited stops, you are well aware of the drawbacks of driving. This includes thigh and lower back stiffness, aches, and leg pain after driving long distance. Fortunately, there are techniques to treat and avoid discomfort and recovery from leg pain after driving. 

Why Do Your Legs Hurt After Driving?

Numbness and pain can be caused by sitting incorrectly on a chair or by something pressing against those nerves for an extended period of time. As your legs are doing all the work regulating the brakes, clutch and accelerator while driving around, it cause discomfort and severe right leg pain while driving.

What About Knee Pain After Driving?

So, your knee hurts after driving? Knee pain after a long car ride is also a probable side effect as your knee is held at a precise angle, generating stress in the muscles surrounding it. Leg discomfort comes when your back and legs' nerves are pinched or crushed for an extended period of time. This is especially frequent in people who spend a lot of time behind the wheel as it can cause the cartilage beneath the knee caps to deteriorate over time. However, in other circumstances,  the fact that your knee hurts while driving could be related to other factors, such as unrelated accidents or simply aging.

However, if your knee hurts while driving, it could be related to other factors, such as unrelated accidents or simply aging.

Common Symptoms Of Calf Pain While Driving

Numbness, tingling, or your foot falling asleep are the most prevalent symptoms of calf pain when driving. It is also associated with aches and stiffness. Knee stiffness and discomfort are the worst, especially if they persist despite stretching and moving around. It can seem like there's a balloon in there, steadily growing and creating a lot of pain. 

What Causes Leg Cramps While Driving? 

Long rides or constant depressing of the brake, accelerator, and clutch might cause muscle cramps. Sitting in the same position for long periods of time can also result in poor blood circulation. After a given period of time, the nerves and muscles in the thigh encounter excessive pressure and begin to hurt. Read on to find out causes of sore legs after driving.

1. Uncomfortable seating posture

When it comes to leg pain from driving, sitting posture is of utmost importance. Even the cramps and muscular pulls in the car are caused by bad posture. To avoid such issues, one should constantly ensure that the seats are correctly balanced and use a form of support if needed.

2. Incorrectly placed backrest

The adjustable seats' backrest is also a crucial component. When adapting seats to the steering wheel and foot pedals, the backrest position should always be taken into consideration. Comfort is a big factor when sitting in the same position for long periods of time and an incorrectly positioned backrest will disrupt the overall comfort.

3. Keeping your wallet in your rear pocket

Keeping your wallet in your back pocket while driving is also a common cause of   lower leg pain while driving . When driving for long periods of time, never place your wallet in your back pocket. It not only makes driving unpleasant, but it also impacts your posture.

How To Avoid Leg Pain While Driving 

The great news is that, there are a number of simple and low-cost options on how to prevent leg pain while driving. Calf pain after driving and hamstring pain while driving can be alleviated with simple items such as wedge cushions and mesh back support systems, which you can purchase online and put on your vehicle seats. These will relieve leg discomfort by providing additional support to your lower back and hips, preventing the delicate and finicky nerves from being pinched and above all, answering the question of how to get rid of leg pain?

1. Wedge Cushions

Wedge Cushions are an excellent choice because they are both comfortable and soft, while still providing the required support for your hips during long distance drives. Wedge cushions assist by providing a cushion between your legs' nerves and the seat underneath you. This reduces the amount of compression they experience resulting in reduced left leg pain after driving long distance.

2. Taking Breaks

Another effective way to reduce left leg pain while driving is to take breaks during long road journeys. You can stroll around and stretch your legs while obtaining gas or stopping at a rest stop along the road.


3. Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

When you sit, tight-fitting garments put excessive strain on your thighs, and some jeans can even put extra strain on your knees. So, loose clothing is still the way to go to get rid of that extra component and reduce the pressure on your legs while you're sitting.


4. Pre-Drive Stretching

Another way on how to avoid left leg pain while driving long distances is to stretch before the drive. This allows the muscles to prepare for the lengthy period of strain to come. Pre-drive stretching will work in the same manner as a pre-workout warmup.


5. Mesh Back Support Systems

These support devices can also aid in the relief of leg and lower back discomfort. They give additional back support, which might help to relieve nerve pressure caused by extended sitting. 


6. Muscle Recovery Tools


Spryng is the ideal alternative if you're hunting for a muscle recovery tool that relieves aches and stiffness while also improving circulation. The best part about SPRYNG is that you can use it while you drive. It will improve circulation in your lower extremities thereby reducing leg pain.



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Your journeys will be lot more enjoyable if you can avoid lower back and leg pain while driving. If you enjoy traveling around and going on excursions but despise the aches and pains that come with sitting motionless for long periods of time, try these tips and see what a difference they can make. It might even answer your question of how do I stop my knees from hurting when I drive.



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