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6 Ways To Ease Sore Muscles After An Intense Leg Day

Exercise makes us look and feel great. When we exercise, the body releases chemicals that boost your sense of well-being and suppress hormones that cause stress and anxiety.  Exercise also reduces hormone activity of adrenalin and cortisol which promote feelings of anxiety and tension.  

While most of us mainly target the upper body when we exercise, exercising our legs should also be a core part of our routine as well.  

While exercise does great things for our body and mind, alas- sore muscles are one of the less enjoyable side effects of exercise.  

Many of us have suffered from leg pain after a leg workout. 

Depending on the type and intensity of your leg workout, muscle soreness can range from nothing noteworthy to being extremely painful. Leg soreness after leg day in its extreme cases can cause even the mere act of sitting down, to seem a herculean task. While making you less functional in day-to-day tasks sore legs after leg day can also delay your next work out.  

Despite these uncomfortable side effects of post leg day pain, take it as a positive sign.  

Why do my legs hurt after leg day? 

The pain is a result of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness better known as DOMS, and it shows that you have worked your muscles hard enough to create tiny tears in your muscles. As your muscles heal it will lead to bigger and stronger muscles thereby paving the path for workouts with higher and longer intensity. DOMS take effect 12 to 24 hours after a rough workout, and it is at its worst between 24 to 72 hours post workout. The extreme soreness after leg day will gradually pass after a couple of days.  

What exercises are involved in leg day?  

Popular leg exercises involve squats, deadlifts, seated leg press and hip thrusts to name a few.   

Squats are one of the most popular leg exercises in the above list. It is popular because it targets the muscles in the legs, lower back and core. As it targets these areas intensely squats can easily cause sore muscles. If your leg day involved squats and you are wondering how to get rid of sore legs from squats? The below tips would help you in your squat’s recovery. 

How to reduce muscle soreness after leg day and how to recover after leg day? 

These are common questions asked by the fitness community and thankfully here are 6 easy ways to help get you back on your feet.  

Stay hydrated during and after your workout? 

A key aspect of how to recover from leg day is by proper hydration. Hydration plays a vital part in muscle recovery. Hydrate with water or better a sports drink containing plenty of electrolytes. Water keeps fluids moving through our body and flushes waste products out which aids in easing inflammation. Water and electrolytes play a pivotal role in muscle repair and the production of glycogen. Studies have proven that muscle rejuvenation progress is decelerated by half when muscles are not suitably hydrated.  

Rest and Recover 

One of the easiest ways how you can reduce leg soreness after leg day is by allowing your body to take its time to recover. Taking the day off from exercise will give your body the time it needs to replenish, repair, and recover.  

Apply heat therapy 

Heat therapy can stimulate blood flow to your muscles, reducing inflammation and tightness in them. Heat therapy can be applied to strained muscles. This will reduce muscle soreness after leg day. However, when applying heat therapy, you must be careful not to burn yourself. Heat therapy can be applied using heating pads, steamed towels or even by going to the sauna.  

Take over the counter (OTC) pain killers 

Taking OTC pain killers like aspirin or ibuprofen is another great way to reduce calf pain after leg day. These pain killers provide temporary relief from pain.  

Use a foam roller 

Also known as Self Myofascial Release which essentially allows you to give yourself a massage. The primary objective of the foam roller is to stretch and loosen the facia around the muscle and decrease the intensity of sore muscles. To get maximum results, it is important to use the foam roller properly. Use the roller up and down your calf muscles slowly and if you notice sore spots just stop and hold the roller at the sore spots for 20 to 30 seconds before continuing. With the proper use of a foam roller reduce soreness and recover from leg day 

Use SPRYNG Compression Leg Wraps 

For faster leg workout recovery use SPRYNG, the world’s most advanced muscle recovery tool. The SPRYNG compression leg wraps use active compression technology to improve circulation and flush out lactic acid and thereby reduce pain.  


SPRYNG has many advantages when compared to other active compression and leg compression devices in the market. A few of them are - 

  • Quick recovery- It takes only 15 minutes to produce results.  
  • Embrace freedom - It is lightweight, portable, and untethered.  
  • Extremely affordable –it is cheaper than any other active compression devices of its kind on the market. 
  • Convenience- Place your order now via our website and become eligible for free delivery to your doorstep. You can also make your purchase from select CVS Stores in the USA.  
  • Buy now and pay later with easy instalment settlement options for online purchases from our website www.spryngme.com  

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