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A Comprehensive Guide to Improve the Health of Gamers From Sitting Too Long

Its no secret that E-sports have grown in into a global phenomenon since 2007, from its humble begins as an underground movement with a few avid players. 

As a gamer or e-sports enthusiast, we are living in the golden age of the industry.  

If you are an avid gamer, the grind is constant. Whether you are playing to improve your skill, battling alone, or practicing with your team. As with any skill, gaming takes time and effort to master.  


While a gamers avatar stays active on screen, incessantly unlocking higher gaming levels and achievements, running through a myriad of maps, jumping from dizzying heights or fighting fierce battles. As a gamer you need to take small breaks from your controller or keyboard and try to stay active with a select set of gaming exercises designed for you.  

Taking just 5 minutes break every 60 minutes can help you improve your game and a gamers health. Routine exercise while gaming can help you improve your actions per minute, improve the efficiency at which you play, reduce eye strain, and increase reaction speed. 

Let us go over a few exercises for gamers which will negate the negative effects of video games on physical health from sitting too long.  

As many gamers play for long hours, they place a lot of strain on their body from sitting for prolonged periods and monotonous movements. A gamers hands and lower body receive the most strain from gaming.  

Hand stretches for gamers 

Gamers also place a lot of strain on their hands and wrists, as a result they may be prone to hand repetitive strain injury. It is important to understand that there are two types of gamers, PC gamers who may strain their hands and fingers and console gamers who use thumbs to control the joystick. 

The hand stretches described below will help reduce hand and wrist strain and should be performed at regularly when you take a break.  

PC Gamers- Create a fist and flex your wrists—move your palms towards your forearm. Open your hand slowly and gently. Repeat this movement 5-10 times   

Console Gamers- turn your palms up, open your hands as wide as you can, and then relax; do not close your fist again. Repeat this movement 5-10 times. 

Placing your hands into a bowl of warm water while moving your fingers around at regular intervals in the bowl for 5 minutes at a time will help reduce strain.  

Workout while gaming

Point to note: You will require to have a standing desk to perform these exercise’s while playing video games 

Calf Raises

Calf Raises are an excellent way to improve blood flow to your heart. As 90% of the blood returning to your heart from your veins, is in your calves it is vital to keep blood moving, to improve circulation. Therefore, it is a great exercise for blood circulation in legs. Perform 10 repetitions. 

For the Hip Flexors

Believe it or not, when you sit, your hip muscles are flexed. However constantly sitting means that these muscles are constantly working which can shorten and tighten the muscle. To stretch your hip flexors, do 3 sets of weighted lunges 

Perform Squats 

While gaming your lower body will be stationary for prolonged periods. During periods of inactivity perform a series of squats. Squats activate every muscle in your lower body. Perform 10 repetitions. 

Nutrition for gamers  

Just like any athlete nutrition goes hand in hand with physical and mental performance. This is no different to gamers. While most stereotype gamers as people who sit all day playing video games and loading up on pizza, snacks, and sugary drinks, these while convenient snacks are not healthy food options. 

It is advisable to incorporate omega 3s, such as fatty fish, nuts, and seeds, into a gamers diet for its immense brain health benefits. It is also important to maintain good electrolyte levels, which impact coordination and muscle contractions. It is also essential to stay hydrated so consuming more water is the way to go. In addition, gamers should consume their meals on time, and it should have a balanced diet with an array of fruits and vegetables.  

With the rise in popularity of gaming there is a wide range of nutritional supplements made specific to improve gaming nutrition, however these nutritional supplements should be consumed after consulting a professional medical practitioner.  

Recovery after sitting for a long time 

As stated earlier, as almost 90% of the blood returning to your heart from your veins comes from your calves. Sitting for lengthy periods can weaken the muscles which makes them less effective in moving the blood, which can result in swelling and pain (known as blood pooling). Therefore, many gamers complain of calf pain 

Anti-inflammatory Ointments and Gels 

Applying some over the counter ointments and gels can also do the trick. It is one of the easiest home remedies for leg pain. However, if the pain or swelling persists, it is best to consult a sports physician. 

Use a muscle recovery tool 

SPRYNG the world’s most advanced muscle recovery tool is at hand to help reduce calf pain. SPRYNG improves circulation and with better blood circulation swelling is reduced.  

SPRYNG is an active compression wrap which is FDA approved and has also been assessed by many scientific studies to prove its effectiveness. While needing only 15 minutes to produce results. Gamers can wear SPRYNG while sitting at a desk, with no interruptions to your gaming.  


SPRYNG has multiple advantages when compared to other active compression and leg compression devices in the market. A few of them are - 

  • Extremely affordable –it is cheaper than any other active compression devices of its kind on the market. 
  • Looks great- It is available in a range of colours unlike most tools for muscle recovery.  
  • Convenience- Place your order now via our website and become eligible for free delivery to your doorstep. You can also make your purchase from select CVS and Road Runner Stores in the USA.  
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