Regular Calf Massage vs Active Compression: Which gives better results for your calf pain?

Have you ever gone for a run to only experience sore and tightness the next day? Your calf muscles may also be feeling the burden of a long, high intensity run! 

A calf muscle massage can benefit your calves in more ways than you think. Apart from providing relief, it can also strengthen and maximize its function while providing you with relaxation. 

Let’s deep dive into your calves and find out what the benefits of massaging calf muscles, the types of massages available and what it does to your wellbeing! 

Why is calf pain massage therapy important?  

With the limelight in the muscles segment given to predominantly the bigger muscles like the quads and hamstrings, calf muscles are often ignored. However, calves play a vital role in getting you places as it helps you walk, run and even climb while providing stability to your body. Calf muscles are susceptible to tears and strains if adequate care is not taken. Thereby it is in your best interest to provide the best treatment for calf muscles.  

Additionally, the calf muscles are regarded as the second heart of the body. This is because almost 90% of the blood returning to your heart arrives from your veins located in your calves. 

Exercise and long bouts of sitting or standing can weaken these muscles making them less effective in moving blood, which can result in a lot of swelling and pain (known as blood pooling). 

Let’s look at why you develop painful calf muscles and calf muscle massage benefits 

The single biggest calf massage benefits are that massages provide you relief from pain while also providing you the feeling of relaxation as your muscles de-stress.    

There is a plethora of reasons how calf pain can be exacerbated. It can be after a jog, seating down for extended periods, standing on the job, improper warm up’s or they can cramp up even while lying down. Calf pain can be excruciatingly painful, and it can hamper your day-to-day life.  

It can be stated that calf muscle pain or soreness which begins after exercise is caused by delayed onset muscle soreness, otherwise known as DOMS. The soreness is a result of muscle fibres tearing within your calf or the formation of muscle knots. For more information on how to treat calf muscle knots click here 

So how would you recover from calf muscle pain 

The 2 easiest ways how to recover from sore calves is through massages which can be either a regular calf massage or active compression therapy.  

The battle between a Regular Calf Massage vs Active Compression therapy  

There are many ways to help ease painful calf muscles, however the most popular methods are done using the services of a masseuse or by using active compression therapy. Active Compression therapy is a relatively new treatment to hit the market and if you like many others want more information about this new technique, read on.   

Regular Calf Massages  

Standing for long hours at the job, working out at the gym or being at your seat for long hours can make your calves sore.  

By using the time-tested calf pain recovery services of a registered masseuse, you will be able to ease the pain and soreness. Massage therapy also has psychological benefits as it is shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels bringing on a sense of relaxation.  

For a calf massage you will have to visit the therapist or employ the services of a on call masseuse to enjoy this form of calf pain treatment  

Active Compression Therapy  

The new kid on the block in the recovery game, is Active Compression Therapy and it is the best remedy for sore calves 

With active compression therapy pain relief is only a calf stretch away! Active Compression therapy is ideal for flighting blood pooling and DOMS which are the leading cause of calf pain. 

 Active Compression therapy works by using controlled pressure to increase blood flow to your legs and improve blood flow to your heart. By improving blood flow, active compression devices prevent blood pooling and thereby reduces pain and swelling. Most active compression devices are ideal home remedies for calf pain treatment. 

The best way to recover from sore legs is by using the most advanced active compression therapy device in the market- SPRYNG.  

SPRYNG comes in a one size fits all solution and is the result of over 3 years of scientific research and development. The device uses a compression pattern that is patent pending and is registered by the FDA. SPRYNG is the ideal recovery for calves and is the most versatile calf compression recovery solution in its class.  

For more information on how calf massagers and active compression devices work click here  

The takeaway 

With the convenience of massage therapy available at anytime from the comfort of your own home and the swiftness of the recovery active compression therapy holds an edge over a regular calf massage.  

The scientifically backed SPRYNG has many advantages when compared to other active compression and leg compression devices in the market. A few of them are - 

  • Quick recovery- It takes only 15 minutes to produce results. So, it is ideal for a day filled with back-to-back competitions.  
  • Embrace freedom – While all other active compression devices are bulky and cumbersome SPRYNG it is lightweight, portable, and wireless. It can easily be carried around anywhere.   
  • Extremely affordable –it is cheaper than any other active compression device on the market. 
  • Convenience- Place your order now via our website and become eligible for free delivery to your doorstep. 
  • Buy now and pay later with our easy installment settlement options. 









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